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Applying for Citizenship 

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The only way to know what is best for each individual case is to book an assessment.  

Erina is a highly experienced and knowledgeable registered migration agent

who specialises solely in the migration matters of New Zealand citizens who live in Australia.

General and up to date information about applying for citizenship can be found on the Department of Home Affair's website.

There are a number of different ways citizenship can be applied for.


In particular, citizenship that migrants generally apply for is citizenship by conferral or evidence of citizenship

When applying for citizenship by conferral, Forms 1290 or 1300t are what are required as part of the application process.

Applications can be either posted in the mail or applied for online  but you must first set up an IMMI Account.

New Zealanders must check the criteria carefully to see if they are first eligible to apply. Note: Not all N.Z. citizens can apply for citizenship unless they are a permanent visa holder or an Eligible New Zealand Citizen.

All other permanent residents must check to see if they meet the residency requirements and eligibility criteria.

Application fees for citizenship range from $35 through to $490 depending on what type of application is being applied for and whether the applicant qualifies for a concession rate. Please note: Applicants seeking exemptions or a concession rate cannot apply online. They must post their citizenship applications to their closest Department of Home Affairs.

Our fee to prepare and lodge a standard citizenship by conferral (naturalisation) application starts from $3,800 (includes GST, citizenship application fee and New Zealand/Australian police checks where appropriate). 


Citizenship application fees range from $35 to $490. See Form 1298i below.

There is often confusion with New Zealanders who have been living in Australia for many years. Since the 1st of September 1994, all New Zealanders were granted the Special Category Visa, subclass TY 444. This is a temporary visa.


Therefore, all New Zealanders are temporary visa holders under the Migration Act, NOT permanent residents. However, some New Zealand citizens are considered both Temporary Residents and Permanent Residents under the Citizenship Act.


In addition, New Zealand citizens who apply for and are granted a Permanent Visa are also considered permanent residents.

However, there are certain categories of New Zealanders who meet the eligibility criteria to apply for citizenship such as Eligible New Zealand citizens, sometimes known as, Protected Special Category Visa holders, Transitional Customers and those whom have been granted permanent visas beforehand, such as RRV, Partner sponsorship, child sponsorship or a skilled visa such as subclass 189, NZ Stream.

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1. Eligible?

Check the criteria

1290, 1300t

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